4/23  Ingram FFA Pre-State Wildlife Double Header

4/23  TAMUK Ag Mechanics Project Show

4/23  Plainview District (Area 1) CDEs and Speaking Events

4/23  District 1 (Area 3) Brazos District Convention and Degree Check

4/23  Oil Belt District (Area IV) Speaking Events and Degree Check

4/23  District V (Area 3) Speaking Events

4/23  Sandyland District (Area VIII) Convention

4/23  Alamo District Officer Test and Interview

4/23  Cen-Tex District (Area 8) Speaking Events

4/23  San Saba Degree Check (Area VII)

4/23  District 2 (Area 5) Speaking Events

4/23  District VII (Area V) Speaking Contests

4/24  District 2 4-H Wool Judging Contest

4/24  Bullard State Qualifier N/L & Floriculture CDE Workout

4/24  District 4 (Area 3) Officer Elections

4/24  District 7 (Area 3) Speaking Events & Talent

4/24  Weatherford College Invitational Public Speaking Contest

4/24  Texas State Wildlife CDE

4/24  Hamilton FFA CDEs

4/25  Blinn College 17th Annual Agricultural Mechanics Show

4/25  Chisholm Trail District Convention

4/25  Lake Whitney District (Area 8) Convention

4/25  Citrus Valley District (Area X) Officer Registration

4/25  Rio Grande Valley District (Area X) Convention

4/26  Tarleton Pre-State Livestock Workout

4/26  Lone Star District Banquet and Degree Check

4/26  Tarleton State CDEs

4/27  SHSU State CDEs

4/27  Wharton County Livestock Judging Contest

4/27  HJ FFA Annual Welding Contest

4/27  RW Genetics Free Swine Judging Workout

4/28  Texas A&M State CDEs

4/28  District IV 4-H Consumer Decision Making

4/30  Mesa District (Area 2) Convention

5/1  Star District (Area 12) Banquet

5/1  Top O Texas District Degree Check and Speaking Events

5/1  North District (Area 3) Talent and Officer Candidates

5/1  Brushy Creek District Officer Elections and Talent Contest

5/1  Area XII Cen-Tex District Convention

5/1  Ralls Invitational Speaking Contests

5/1  Sam Houston District (Area IX) Speaking Events

5/1  McGee Bend District (Area IX) Speaking Events

5/2  Coastal Bend District Degree Check & Speaking Events

5/3  El Rancho District (Area II) Speaking, Talent, and Officers

5/3  Capital District (Area 12) Convention

5/3  District VI (Area 3) Gulf Coast District Convention and Degree Check

5/3  Amarillo District (Area I) Degree Check and Speaking Events

5/3  Greenbelt District (Area 1) Meeting

5/3  Littlefield District (Area I) Degree Check & Speaking

5/4  Wintergarden District Speaking/Degree Check

5/4  Rains High School Trailer Build Off

5/4  Centex District (Area VII) Convention and Speaking Events

5/4  SHSU Welding Contest

5/5  Area VIII Degree Check Registration

5/5  Area V Degree Check Registration

5/5  Area VIII Speaking, Talent, Officers, Non-Qualifying CDE Registration

5/5  Area V Speaking Contests

5/5  Big Time in D-9

5/7  Lubbock District Speaking, Officer, and Talent Contest

5/7  Hill District Degree Check (Area 7)

5/8  Rio Grande Valley District (Area X) FFA Banquet

5/9  Alamo (Area 7) District Banquet

5/10  Tarleton National FFA Wool and Entomology

5/10  Lonewolf District Spring Meeting

5/11  Area I FFA Convention

5/11  Area X Public Speaking Events

5/11  Area I Degree Check Registration

5/12  Area X Convention Registration

5/12  Area X Degree Check Registration

5/12  Area XII FFA Convention

5/14  Cen-Tex District (Area VIII) Banquet

5/14  Area IX Degree Check Registration

5/14  Area IX Speaking and Talent

5/15  Area IV Degree Check Registration

5/15  Tip-O-Texas (Area X) District Banquet

5/15  Area IV Officer and Speaking Events

5/15  Area II Degree Check Registration

5/15  Area II FFA Convention

5/17  Area III Speaking Registration

5/17  Area XI Talent, and Officer Registration

5/18  Area 7 Speaking Events and Officers

5/18  Area 3 Degree Check Registration

5/18  District 1 Archery Contest

5/18  Area III Talent, Officers and Meals

5/19  Area VI Degree Check Registration

5/19  Area VII Degree Check Registration

5/19  Area 7 Convention

5/22  Texas State Honorary Lonstar and American Registration

5/29  TAMU Teaching Ag Metal Technology Workshop

6/4  SAE Record Keeping Symposium

6/11  Safely Utilizing Agricultural Mechanics, Metal Fabrication Stationary Power Tools at SHSU

6/12  TAMU Basics of Floral Design Workshop

6/13  Area 6 Leadership Camp

6/18  TAMU Texas Veterinary Science Training Workshop

6/19  TAMU Developing Strong Student Leaders Workshop

6/19  Briggs and Stratton Small Gas Engine Technology Workshop at SHSU

6/19  Area II Leadership Camp

6/20  Bullard Ag Mechanics Teaching Tools Workshop

6/20  TAMU Texas Veterinary Science Training Workshop #2

6/21  TAMU Hydraulics Systems Workshop

6/25  TAMU Electricity for the Ag Teacher Workshops

6/25  Trailer Building 101: Construction of a Bumper Pull, Utility Trailer at SHSU

6/26  TAMU Advanced Floral Design Workshop

7/26  Fightin' Texas Aggie Meat Judging Camp

10/29  Axtell Longhorn Invitational Leadership Contest

1/19  Cypress Ridge FFA Welding Contest

2/23  Jersey Village FFA Vet Tech Invitational

2/25  Cypress Creek Invitational CDEs