2/28  West of the Brazos Land, Range, Homesite, and Wildlife CDE

2/28  Panther Creek FFA Invitational Horse Judging Contest

3/1  Sweetwater FFA Invitational CDEs

3/1  Possum Kingdom Area Land, Range and Plant ID contest

3/1  Hope 4-H/ McLeod FFA Invitational Forestry CDE

3/2  Jack Co. SWCD and Jacksboro FFA Contests

3/3  Hill Country Spring CDEs

3/3  Matagorda Co Fair Livestock Judging Contest

3/3  Texas A&M SAEs and Texas FFA Awards Workshop

3/4  Texas A&M Judging Clinics

3/4  District 8 4-H Consumer Decision Making Contest

3/4  State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Stephenville

3/4  Decatur Livestock

3/5  Pewitt FFA Online FBM Contest

3/5  Victoria Livestock Judging Contest

3/5  Live Oak County Livestock Judging Contest

3/8  Red River Army Depot Forestry Invitational

3/8  HLSR Horse Judging Contest

3/9  HLSR George Ranch Livestock Contest

3/9  Decatur Invitational CDEs

3/9  Navarro College John Deere TECH Open House Event

3/9  Anson Invitational CDEs

3/9  Freestone County SWCD Land/Homesite Contest

3/10  Longview FFA Meat Judging and Welding

3/11  HLSR Floriculture Judging Contest

3/11  HLSR Nursery/Landscape Judging Contest

3/11  HLSR Plant ID Contest

3/11  HLSR Collegiate Meat Judging Contest

3/11  White Oak FFA Invitational CDE

3/11  State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Lubbock

3/12  HLSR Junior Commercial Steer Exam

3/14  HLSR Poultry Judging Contest

3/16  Tarleton State Dairy Club Dairy Cattle Clinic and Pre-Contest Workout

3/17  Tarleton State Dairy Club Invitational Judging Contest

3/17  JudgingCard Online Floral Design Challenge

3/18  HLSR CDE Wildlife Judging Contest

3/18  HLSR WHEP Wildlife Judging Contest

3/18  Guadalupe County Vet Science Contest

3/19  HLSR State FFA Tractor Tech Contest

3/19  HLSR Public Speaking Contest

3/20  HLSR 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest

3/20  HLSR 4-H/FFA Wool Judging Contest

3/20  HLSR Collegiate Wool Judging Contest

3/20  HLSR Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest

3/21  HLSR Vet Science Contest

3/22  HLSR Ag Product ID Contest

3/23  Bowie/Cass-Marion/Sulphur Cypress Spring Field Day

3/23  Rodeo Austin Livestock Judging Contest

3/25  Texas Tech Invitational CDEs and Workshops

3/25  James Madison FFA Invitational CDEs

3/25  HLSR Dairy Judging Contest

3/25  O'Connor FFA Invitational CDEs

3/25  State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Houston

3/27  Ingram FFA Wildlife Double Header

3/27  Plano West FFA Invitational CDE

3/28  Rolling Plains Wildlife Contest

3/29  Windthorst Dairy, Wildlife, Range, Entomology, and Floriculture

3/29  Gulf Coast Land, Range, Homesite, and Wildlife Contest

3/31  NCTC Invitational Horse Contest

3/31  Texas State Univserity Invitational CDEs

3/31  Area X Invitational Dairy Cattle CDE

3/31  West Texas A&M Invitational CDEs

4/1  Clarendon College Invitational CDEs

4/1  Texas A&M Area CDEs

4/1  Alamo District (Area 7) CDE Contests

4/1  Valley Invitational CDE

4/1  Multi-District 4-H Horse Judging Contest

4/1  Area VII Consolidated CDE Registration

4/1  Hill District (Area VII) Spring Events

4/1  Lingleville Invitational CDEs

4/1  Area VI District Speaking Events

4/1  Red River Valley Livestock Judging Contest

4/1  State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Gilmer

4/1  Cen-Tex (Area VII) District CDEs

4/1  Guadalupe Valley District (Area VII) CDEs and Speaking Events

4/3  Sul Ross Ag Mech Project Show

4/3  Central Texas Wildlife Contest

4/3  Sul Ross Invitational CDEs

4/4  Northwest ISD Invitational CDE

4/4  SFA Invitational CDEs

4/4  Cisco College Invitational CDEs

4/4  NTCC Forage, Forestry & Land

4/4  South Texas Invitational CDEs - Area X Only

4/4  South Texas Invitational CDEs - Other Areas

4/4  District 3 4-H Horse Judging Contest

4/5  Parker County CDEs

4/5  Heart O' Texas Fair Invitational CDEs

4/6  Tarleton Invitational CDEs

4/6  Collingsworth NCRS Judging Contest

4/7  Area IV Wool CDE

4/7  South Plains College Livestock Judging Contest

4/7  Area VII Ag Mech CDE

4/7  Lake Whitney FFA Invitational

4/7  Angelo State Invitational CDEs

4/7  Navarro County Youth Expo Open Judging Contests

4/8  Texas Tech Area CDEs

4/8  Robertson County Fair Livestock, Wool & Mohair Judging Contest

4/8  Hackamore Ranch Open Range and Plant ID Contests

4/8  TAMU AggieFest Invitational Speaking Events

4/8  District 11 CDM Contest

4/8  South Texas State Fair

4/10  Leon County Invitational Livestock Judging Contest

4/10  Region 3 Wildlife Contest

4/10  Area I Vet Science CDE

4/10  Region 3 Wildlife Contest

4/10  Area VI Horse CDE

4/10  Region 5 Wildlife Contest

4/11  Region 1 Wildlife Contest

4/11  Region 2 Wildlife Contest

4/11  Area I Range CDE

4/11  SHSU Area CDEs

4/11  SHSU Invitational CDEs

4/12  Young County Livestock Judging Invitational

4/12  TAMU-K Area X CDEs

4/12  Area I Dairy Cattle CDE

4/12  Cross Plains Invitational CDEs

4/12  TAMU-C Area CDEs

4/13  Area VII Wool CDE

4/13  Area IV Range Plant ID Contest

4/15  State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Stephenville

4/17  Cross Timbers District Degree Check

4/17  Oil Belt District (Area IV) Speaking Events and Officers

4/19  Tarleton Area CDEs

4/19  Area IV CDE Fee

4/20  District 3 4-H Livestock Judging

4/20  Waco District (Area 8) Officer, Speaking, and Talent

4/20  District 1 4-H Range & Grass ID

4/20  Texas State Woodland Clinic

4/20  Vernon Livestock

4/21  District II (Area III) Speaking Events and Banquet

4/21  District 1 4-H Livestock Judging

4/21  District 1 4-H Horse Judging

4/21  District 2 4-H Horse Judging

4/21  District 1 4-H Consumer Decision Making

4/21  Rains High School Trailer Build Off

4/21  District 8 4-H Spring Ag Judging Contests

4/22  Multi-District 4-H Livestock Judging Contest

4/22  Multi-District 4-H Meat Judging Contest

4/22  Texas Tech State CDEs

4/22  Texas Tech State Qualifier Practice Meats Contest

4/25  Hamilton Classic Livestock Judging Contest

4/25  Texas State Wildlife CDE

4/25  Weatherford College Invitational Public Speaking Contest

4/27  Tarleton State CDEs

4/28  SHSU State CDEs

4/28  Wharton County JR Livestock Contest

4/29  MWFFA Booster Club Sporting Clays

4/29  Texas A&M State CDEs

5/5  SHSU Welding & Metal Fabrication Contest

5/8  Area IV Officer and Speaking Events

5/9  Hill District Degree Check

5/11  Area X Speaking, Officer, and Talent Entry

5/11  Corsicana District (Area 8) Convention

5/11  Alamo (Area 7) District Banquet

5/11  Tarleton National FFA Wool and Entomology

5/12  Area I FFA Convention

5/13  Area VIII Convention

6/3  WTAMU Horse Judging Seminar

6/5  TAMU SAE Management Workshop

6/6  Texas 4-H Agricultural Product Identification

6/6  Texas 4-H Livestock Skillathon

6/6  Texas FFA 4-H Photography Judging

6/7  Texas 4-H Consumer Decision Making Contest

6/7  Texas 4-H Horse Judging

6/7  Texas 4-H Invitational Meat Judging & ID

6/7  Texas 4-H Mohair Judging

6/7  Texas 4-H Qualifying Livestock Judging

6/7  Texas 4-H Qualifying Meat Judging & ID

6/7  Texas 4-H Wool Judging & Evaluation

6/8  Texas 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Invitational

6/8  Texas 4-H Hippology Contest

6/8  Texas 4-H Invitational Livestock Judging

6/8  Texas 4-H Invitational Poultry Judging

6/20  Tarleton Metal Arts Workshop

6/23  Area X Leadership Conference Camp

6/28  Welder Wildlife Foundation Range & Wildlife Workshop

3/3  Jersey Village FFA Vet Tech Invitational