4/27  District 4 (Area III) Spring Events & Degree Check

4/27  Waco District (Area 8) Officer, Speaking, and Talent

4/27  District V (Area 3) Speaking Events, Talent, and Degree Check

4/27  El Rancho District (Area II) Speaking, Talent, and Officers

4/27  District 1 (Area III) Speaking, Talent, and Officer Elections

4/27  Sandyland District (Area VIII) Convention

4/27  District VII (Area 5) Speaking Contests

4/27  Mesa District (Area II) Spring Meeting

4/28  Lake Whitney District (Area 8) Convention

4/28  District VI (Area 3 ) Convention, Degree Check, And Speaking Events

4/28  Rio Grande Valley District (Area X) Convention

4/28  Lubbock District Speaking, Officer, and Talent Contest

4/29  Revaldina (Area VII) District Banquet

4/29  Sam Houston District (Area IX) Speaking Events

4/30  Tarleton Pre-State Livestock & Meats Workout

4/30  Lone Star District (Area VII) Banquet

4/30  District 1 4-H Consumer Decision Making Contest

5/1  Wharton County Livestock Judging Contest

5/1  SHSU State CDEs

5/2  District 9 4-H Roundup

5/2  Texas A&M State CDEs

5/5  Amarillo District (Area I) Degree Check and Speaking Events

5/5  Littlefield District (Area I) Convention

5/6  Corsicana District (Area 8) Banquet

5/7  Amarillo District (Area I) Banquet

5/7  Alamo District (Area VII) Degree Check & Banquet

5/7  Lone Wolf District Spring Meeting

5/7  Greenbelt District (Area 1) Meeting

5/8  Kids Against Hunger Registration

5/8  Area IV Officer and Speaking Events

5/9  Area V Speaking Events

5/9  Rocky Mountain District (Area II) Speaking Events and Officer Elections

5/9  Area 8 Convention

5/9  Centex District (Area VII) Convention and Speaking Events

5/11  Tarleton State University Invitational Speaking Events

5/11  Rusk FFA Invitational Wildlife CDE Double Header

5/12  Texas State Wildlife WRM CDE

5/14  Area X Speaking, Officer, and Talent Entry

5/14  Area III Speaking and Officer Registration

5/15  Area III Talent and Convention Registration

5/15  Area 7 Speaking Events and Officers

5/15  Area II FFA Convention

5/15  Area X Convention Registration

5/15  Area I FFA Convention

5/21  Area IX Speaking and Talent

6/1  SHSU Ag Tech. & Mech. Systems Welding Workshop

6/4  Grimes County Fair Judging Contests

6/8  Ag Clays State Sporting Clays and Trap Event

6/12  Texas Consolidated Degree Check

6/15  TAMU Exploring and Incorporating SAE Opportunities into Practice Workshop

6/16  Tarleton Supervising Teacher Workshop

6/18  Area IV Leadership Camp

6/18  District 3 (Area III) Leadership Camp

6/22  Area IX Leadership Camp

6/24  Tarleton CNC Workshop (2-day)

10/17  2015 212 and 360 Leadership Conferences

10/24  Texas A&M Aggiefest Contests

10/24  Texas Junior Bison Judging State Championship

2/27  Jersey Village FFA Invitational

4/23  4-H Multi-District Contests at Texas A&M